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National Days of Action Against
US Economic and Military Dominance
3, 4 and 5 July 2003

Other peace and social justice events   |  Not in Our Name, Aotearoa / New Zealand

Here in Aotearoa / New Zealand, 3 to 5 July are National Days of Action Against US Economic and Military Dominance. The general themes are: Whose independence? US independence at whose expense? and Independence for everyone!

In the the cities with a US military or diplomatic presence, protest will be mainly focussed there - see the listings for Auckland, Lower Hutt, Wellington and Christchurch below.

In towns and cities with neither of those, then you could do something around a symbolic or actual example of US imperialism: KFC, McDonalds, a petrol station ... or have a letter sign-on stall, see the listing for Nelson below.

Or you could use the day/s to educate around independence, what does it mean for Aotearoa / New Zealand, what kind of independence do we want, what positive alternatives are there to corporate globalisation ... whatever you like!

If you would like your event advertised on this web page and in the Peace Movement Aotearoa 'what's on where' e-listings, please send the details (including contact details for at least one of the people organising it) to Peace Movement Aotearoa - it would be helpful if you could put 'Natl Day of Action' as the subject heading.


  • Friday, 4 July - 'Independence from the USA', protest against the US occupation of Iraq to mark Independence Day in the US; 5-30pm to 6-30pm at the US Consulate, Customs Street, downtown Auckland. Organised by Global Peace and Justice Auckland, for more info contact email or email.

  • Lower Hutt

  • Friday, 4 July - US out of Iraq! No NZ support for the occupation! US Independence Day protest, 7pm at the residence of US Ambassador Charles Swindells, 99 Ludlum Crescent (corner Ludlum Crescent and Woburn Road, by Hutt Rec). If you are coming by train, Wellington folks will be gathering at Wellington railway station from 6pm to catch the train departing at 6-20pm, arriving Woburn at 6-39pm. If you are walking from Woburn railway station: go to the over bridge at the south end of the railway station (to your right as you get off the train), go up the ramp, turn right at the top, then right onto the down ramp; cross the road and walk along Massey Avenue until you get to the end; continue walking in the same direction across the road ahead, you will now be on Ludlum Crescent; continue in same direction (ie away from the railway station) along Ludlum Crescent, and the ambassador’s residence is around the corner. Organised by Peace Action Wellington, for more information contact email. (Directions from the railway station are by Peace Movement Aotearoa, if clarification is needed, please email).

  • Wellington

  • Thursday, 3 July - Whose Independence? Crash the US Ambassador's garden party at the Skyline Restaurant - while the US ambassador and guests will be celebrating US Independence Day, we will be there to remind them of the independence that has been trampled on by US state aggression, including the continuing occupation of Iraq; please bring noisemakers, pots / pans / whistles / drums - anything to make your presence heard. From 4pm onwards, Skyline Restaurant, Botanic Gardens (at the top of the cable car). Organised by Peace Action Wellington, for more information contact email.

  • Friday, 4 July - Whose Independence? US independence from colonial rule is celebrated on 4 July, even as US armed forces continue their devastating invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead of condemning this outrage, the NZ government has offered to provide practical and moral support for the occupation by sending troops. Join the lunchtime action to demand Iraq's liberation from the occupying forces, and NZ's independence from the United States war machine. Starts 12 noon in Cuba Mall with Food Not Bombs and street theatre - if you wish to take part as one of the walking wounded representing countries bombed and oppressed by the US government, come dressed in black with bloodstained bandages (countries bombed by the US armed forces since WWII: Guatemala, Indonesia, Cuba, Congo, Peru, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lebanon, Grenada, Libya, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Bosnia, Sudan, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq); then proceeding to Midland Park on Lambton Quay for speakers and open mike at 1pm. Organised by Peace Action Wellington, for more information contact email.

  • Saturday, 5 July - ‘The USA is in my country’, public meeting with speakers and discussion about the role of the United States in the internal politics of nations around the world. Speakers include: * Bakhtair, from Aceh, where the Indonesian government is currently waging a brutal military campaign to destroy the Free Aceh Movement (GAM). For years, the Indonesian government has been a good friend to Washington - US Government records show that since 1992, the Clinton administration has sold or licensed more than $1 billion worth of arms to Indonesia, and has provided training to its military as well; * Yilma, from Ethiopia, who was exiled to a refugee camp in Keya - Kakuma - in 1991, while there he established the first refugee news bulletin. In 2001, Yilma published his first book, 'Agonising Wounds', here in Aotearoa with the help of Refugee and Migrant Service; he will be speaking about US intervention in the horn of Africa including Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea and Djibouti. Other speakers will address US support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the war on the people of Iraq. From 2pm to 5pm at the Girlies Space, 158 Cuba Street; please bring a chair or cushion to sit on. Organised by Peace Action Wellington, as part of a range of actions planned to highlight the irony of US Independence Day; for more information contact Val tel (04) 383 9315 or email.

  • Nelson

  • Friday, 4 and Saturday, 5 July - Letter Stall -sign-on to letters to the US Ambassador and to Helen Clark; 10am to 4-30pm on Friday, and 10am to 2pm on Saturday, outside Farmers. Organised by Nelson Peace Group, for more information contact Anne FitzSimon tel (03) 539 0527 or email.

  • Christchurch

  • Ongoing to 4 July - 'Letter to the people of the USA' - collection of signatures from Christchurch residents for the letter which begins: "To the People of the United States of America, 4 July 2003 'US Independence Day'. From the undersigned people of Christchurch in Aotearoa/New Zealand. 2003 Declaration for Independence. Kia ora, Together with you, we believe in the principles of Independence, with Liberty and Justice for All. We send our greetings today, with a call for these principles to be remembered in your government's actions at home and abroad. We affirm: * Our solidarity with those working peacefully for independence and justice for all people; * Our concern at decisions by the current US administration, made on your behalf and implemented with your taxes, which obstruct the path to liberty and justice for many. We share with you a vision of hope, for all people to have: * Safety to live full lives; * Clean air and water, good schools and medical care; * Livelihoods and neighbourhoods that enable healthy food, safe homes and workplaces; * Opportunity to grow up in touch with family; * Freedom of religion, speech, and press; * Justice systems that ensure fairness to all" ... To get your copy of the letter, contact tel (03) 981 2825 or email.

  • Friday, 4 July - public event to collect more signatures for the 'Letter to the people of the USA' from Christchurch residents, and to hand them over to the person who will convey them to US peace people; 12-15pm to 1pm, outside the Christchurch Cathedral, in the Square. For more info contact tel (03) 981 2825 or email.

  • Friday, 4 July - extra special ‘US Independence Day’ vigil at the US Air Force base at Harewood, flights from the base serve the vast US military/intelligence bases at Pine Gap and Nurrungar; from 4-30pm at the Airport Roundabout (where the totem pole is). Organised by Christchurch Catholic Worker, for more info contact email.


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