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Further update: the shooting of Steven Wallace

28 July 2000

Kia ora,

On Sunday it will be 13 weeks since Steven Wallace was shot dead by a police officer in Waitara. Aside from the announcement on 1 June that the preliminary report of the homicide investigation was complete (except for a section by the IESR), there has been official silence about the shooting, why Steven was killed, when justice might be done and be seen to be done, and what will be done to prevent a similar tragedy in the future.

By its silence, perhaps the government is hoping we will forget the outrage and sorrow which followed the news of this shooting; and that when the police report is finally released, it will be seen as old news. Our outrage and sorrow remains strong, indeed it gains strength from the delay - we will not forget.

For further comment on the shooting, you can refer to the Peace Movement Aotearoa Update of 19 June 2000 which summarised the short and long term issues arising from the shooting, quoted from Peter William’s report, reproduced the message from the Wallace Whänau Committee, gave details on how to contribute to the Steven Wallace Independent Enquiry Fund, and provided contact details for expressing your views on the shooting.

You could also refer to the initial Peace Movement Aotearoa Alert of 8 May 2000 which covered the immediate questions arising from the shooting (which remain unanswered), and the longer term issues of racism in the police force, police officers access to guns and distrust in the Police Complaints Authority.

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