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Steven Wallace documentary

29 January 2001

The Documentary of Steven Wallace will screen on:

Channel: TV ONE.
Date: Sunday morning, 11th February
Time: 10am
Slot: Waka Huia/ Maori programs
Format: Maori language with English sub-titles Duration: 59 minutes.

Production House: TKM Productions
Producer: Kim Webby
Director: Moana Sinclair
Writer/Researcher: Antauni Sinclair


The documentary profiles the life of Steven Wallace, his family, school years, teenage years and the town of Waitara, where Steven grew up.

A brief historical and contemporary presentation of Waitara is followed by the analysis of the events on the night Steven was killed by a police officer. The analysis is conveyed through the use of eyewitness accounts, police statements, graphic plan of Waitara Township and a graphic body model.

The Maori people of Waitara tell their story in an open candid manner. Other commentators outside Waitara have input. The police tell their story.


The documentary raises several questions. Was this a simple open and shut case of good guy wiping out bad guy? Is there more to the death of Steven Wallace? Watch the documentary and you decide.

There is one important principle upon which the rule of law prides itself, namely that all are treated equal before the law. If that principal were breached, it is not the principal at fault, it is the practitioner.

TKM Productions
P.O Box 4522, Shortland St
Aotearoa / New Zealand

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