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11 Sept and the 'war on terrorism'
- May 2002 archive

Please note that the articles listed below have a link back to the main 'war on terrorism' index page rather than this one, so you will need to use your back button to return to this page ...

  • Colombia is Burning... And the US Is Pouring Gasoline on the Fire, Sean Donahue, 31 May 2002
  • Journalism Should Never Yield to ‘Patriotism’, Robert Jensen, 29 May 2002
  • ACLU Releases First Definitive Run-Down on Government's 'Insatiable Appetite' for New Powers and Resulting Erosion of Liberty, ACLU, 28 May 2002
  • We Must All Prevent War, James Carroll, 28 May 2002
  • AI Annual Report 2002 - Human Rights Violations by the US Undermine Its Global Leadership, Amnesty International Charges, AI, 28 May 2002
  • Making America Truly Safe, Salim Muwakkil, 27 May 2002
  • Salesmen of death: nuclear powers India and Pakistan on the edge of war, the role of the Blair government in fuelling the conflict has been critical, John Pilger, 27 May 2002
  • Why Bush's Deal With Putin Doesn't Make the World Safer: the current American deal with Russia was on offer a decade ago, meanwhile the Republican right continues to make the world a less safe place, Dan Plesch, 26 May 2002
  • A Basket of Goodies for White House Bashers, Rachel Giese, 24 May 2002
  • Evildoers In The Hood: Another Batch of Fresh Terrorist Warnings from the Government, and You Without Your Skepticism, Mark Morford, 24 May 2002
  • US Human Rights Violations Undermine Global Leadership, Charges Amnesty International Upon Release of Annual Report: survey of 152 Countries Finds US, Other Nations Willing to Sacrifice Human Rights in the Name of National Security, AI, 23 May 2002
  • Riddle of the Spores - Why Has the FBI Investigation into the Anthrax Attacks Stalled? The Evidence Points One Way, George Monbiot, 21 May 2002
  • This Futile Campaign - Western Intervention Has Done Little for the Afghans and Less to Beat Terrorism, Madeleine Bunting, 20 May 2002
  • Lifting The Star-Spangled Shroud of Silence, Brandon Keim, 19 May 2002
  • Alert! Terrorism suppression legislation, 10 May 2002
  • US Arms Sales to Israel End Up In China/Iraq, Jonathan Reingold, 9 May 2002
  • Poll Shows Bush Approach on Mideast Conflict 'Out of Step' with US Public, Jim Lobe, 9 May 2002
  • Afghanistan: Women Still Under Threat - Many Continue to Wear Burqa for Personal Safety, Human Rights Watch, 9 May 2002
  • President Bush's Wag-the-Dog Policy on Iraq, Robert Scheer, 8 May 2002
  • War on terror may extend to Cuba, Julian Borger, 7 May 2002
  • International Court Rejection Seen as Symbolic, Risky, Jim Lobe, 7 May 2002
  • US Promises to Afghan Women Unfulfilled, Marie Cocco, 7 May 2002
  • Profiles in Courage: US Lawmakers Stand Up for Moral Justice in Middle East, Barbara Ferguson, 5 may 2002
  • Marines set pincer trap for al-Qa'ida, Kim Sengupta, 5 May 2002
  • Defiant Iraq resigned to Bush attack: a peace mission of Labour MPs flies to a Baghdad unmoved by allied threats after 20 years of war, Ewen MacAskill, 5 May 2002
  • Bin Laden mastermind 'still hiding in Britain', Antony Barnett, Paul Harris and Burhan Wazir, 5 May 2002
  • What Is A Terrorist? Jeff Cohen, 1 May 2002
  • What About the War Powers Act? Jules Witcover,1 May 2002
  • No Link Between Hijacker, Iraq Found, US Says, Walter Pincus, 1 May 2002
  • Egypt Assails the Lumping of US War With Israel's, Neil MacFarquhar, 1 May 2002

  • Sign-on to the 12 Point plan for stopping the war and rebuilding a just society in Afghanistan, Women's Caucus for Gender Justice,

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