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11 Sept and the 'war on terrorism'
- April 2002 archive

  • Ordinary people had the right to expect that after 18 years of the Tories, Tony Blair would be different, John Pilger, 30 April 2002
  • I'm Not Buying Zubaydah, Stephanie Salter, 28 April 2002
  • Hundreds of thousands of lives at risk from terror, says Rumsfeld, Kim Sengupta, 28 April 2002
  • Khatami Says 'Radical Warmongers' Drive US Policy, AFP, 27 April 2002
  • Sharon and Bush are the Problem for Peace in the Middle East, Molly Ivins, 26 April 2002
  • Time Out! A Pause for Longer-Range Thinking, Bernard Weiner, 25 April 2002
  • The Scandal of the Church's Support of War, John Dear, 24 April 2002
  • Al-Qaida inmates 'outwitting interrogators', Oliver Burkeman, 22 April 2002
  • Mideast Street Anger Turns into Calls for Boycott of US Goods, N Janardhan, 22 April 2002
  • Thousands March in San Francisco Protest: at least 20,000 decry Bush's Mideast policy and Israeli actions, Jim Herron Zamora, 21 April 2002
  • Demonstrators Rally to Palestinian Cause, Manny Fernandez, 21 April 2002
  • 9-11 Was Excuse To Go To 'War', Dick Bernard, 20 April 2002
  • America's Climate of Fear and Loathing, Elizabeth Hartmann, 19 April 2002
  • Alice's New Adventures in Medialand, Norman Solomon, 19 April 2002
  • Dealing With Arab Ire Will Save American Lives, Marie Cocco, 18 April 2002
  • Palestindians: The only good one is a dead one, says the spin machine, James T. Phillips, 17 April 2002
  • Media indifference to Afghan crisis: why is the mainstream media ignoring the mass death of Afghan civilians? David Edwards, April 2002
  • Fear and Learning in America, Robert Fisk, 17 April 2002
  • America's Lonesome Diplomatic Strategy: Bush Vision Puts US Out On a Limb, Salim Muwakkil, 15 April 2002
  • Fight Terrorism By Aiding Poor, John McKenzie, 14 April 2002
  • The American View: Biased in Favor of Israel ... Who, Us? Bush's options in the Middle East are limited by the US's powerful Jewish lobby, Louise Branson, 14 April 2002
  • War Crimes Court Pits United States Against the World, James Bone, 11 April 2002
  • A Dream Denied: A Heart-to-Heart Talk About the Middle East in the Heart of Manhattan, Laura Flanders, 11 April 2002
  • My Tax Dollars, Jacob Lerner, 10 April 2002
  • Powell Peace Mission a Red Herring, Richard Gwyn, 10 April 2002
  • Hawkish Blair tries to calm the doubters, Paul Waugh and Colin Brown, 8 April 2002
  • US Media Biased in Mideast Coverage, Salim Muwakkil, 8 April 2002
  • America's Imperial Instinct, William Pfaff, 8 April 2002
  • Bush's Reckless Talk Gives China the Jitters, Eric Margolis, 7 April 2002
  • Action Speaks Against Words: President Bush is Deepening US Ties with Countries That Commit Human-Rights Abuses, Frida Berrigan, 7 April 2002
  • Not in our name, John Pilger, 5 April 2002
  • The myth machine, John Pilger, 5 April 2002

  • Sign-on to the 12 Point plan for stopping the war and rebuilding a just society in Afghanistan, Women's Caucus for Gender Justice,

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