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11 September 2003
events in Aotearoa / New Zealand

"We plan to encircle the World Trade Center site with a candlelight vigil on the night of September 10, 2003. Gather with us in New York City or create a Circle of Hope candlelight vigil in your own community." Peaceful Tomorrows invite you to commemorate the anniversary this year with Circles of Hope.

Peaceful Tomorrows is the US group comprising families whose relatives were killed in the 11 Sept attacks on New York and Washington. They "firmly believe that the real lesson of September 11 is that war and violence are the problems, not the solutions."

If you would like your local 11 September event included on this web page, see below.


  • THURS, 11 September - silent candlelit peace vigil, from 7-30pm to 8-30pm around the waterlily pond in the Clive Square Gardens; all welcome to bring a candle and join us. Organised by Peace Movement Hawkes Bay, for more info contact Margaret Gwynn tel (06) 835 2122.


  • THURS, 11 September - 'Circles of Hope' - the weekly vigil for peace is extended for the 11 Sept anniversary in solidarity with Peaceful Tomorrows, 5pm to 7pm at the Cenotaph, corner Bowen Street and Lambton Quay; please bring candles and a placard with your message of hope for a peaceful world. For more info contact Peace Movement Aotearoa, tel (04) 382 8129 or email.

If you would like your local 11 September event included on this web page and in the Peace Movement Aotearoa what's on where e-listings, please send the details - including contact details for at least one of the people organising it - to Peace Movement Aotearoa:

  • by email - please put 'for what's on' in the subject heading of your message;
  • by post to PMA, PO Box 9314, Wellington;
  • by telephone to (04) 382 8129;
  • by fax to (04) 382 8173.

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