No WARP! Network Opposed to Weapons and Related Production

Police protect public from exposure
to deadly business at Te Papa

17 October 2006

The national museum, Te Papa Tongarewa 'Our Place', was today closed for most of the afternoon as police protected the public from exposure to the NZ Defence Industry Association, the lobby group for companies that profit from bloodshed and war, who were holding their annual forum there. Quite right too, they are after all engaged in a deadly business ...

No WARP! (Network Opposed to Weapons and Related Production) No WARP! (Network Opposed to Weapons and Related Production)

As can be seen from the photo above, taken at 12:30pm, there were no protestors in sight - leading to the obvious conclusion that public safety was the reason for this extraordinary blockade of the national museum ...

although a 'Stop the weapons conference' march, called by Peace Action Wellington, was on its way.

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