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No Arms Race at Our Place

10 November 2003

Peace Action Wellington will be holding a picket outside of Te Papa from 8:00AM-9:30AM on Tuesday the 11th of November to mark their opposition to the New Zealand Defence Industry conference.

"It is sickening that the Labour government is spending our money on developing an industry of death, while our hospitals and social services are chronically under funded," said Peace Action Wellington spokesperson John Anderson.

"Not many New Zealanders know that the government is encouraging the growth of a weapons industry in New Zealand."

The government funded Trade NZ 'is active in providing assistance in the export of Defence products' according to the NZDIA's website.

The products developed by this industry so far have included grenades, weapons firing control systems, shoot-to-kill training equipment, 'special purpose' munitions, and aerial bombing score systems.

There will also be a demonstration on Wednesday at 5:00PM at Te Papa to mark the end of the conference and the start of the NZDIA awards ceremony.

Peace Action Wellington demands an immediate end to this state sponsored death industry. For more information relating to New Zealand's weapons and related industries visit the NO WARP! web page.

Peace Action Wellington
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