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Constitution Holiday Weekend 'dubbed' Blue Ribbon Peace Weekend

14 July 2000

Update: Blue Ribbon / Suva peace vigils

Women's Action for Democracy and Peace - WAD'aP! An Initiative of the National Council of Women (Fiji)

Media Statement

People for Peace, that's what defines the Blue Ribbon Peace Weekend. People praying for peace. Writers sharing their creativity for peace. Walking for peace and musicians playing for peace.

The NCWF-led Women's Action for Democracy and Peace (WAD'AP) is drawing people together in a concerted effort to stage a series of Peace-centred events from Saturday July 22nd to Monday July 24th.

"The Blue Ribbon Peace Weekend is an opportunity to come together in the capital city and reinforce our collective call for Peace."

The peace vigils during the weekend will reinforce the message of Peace through prayers and scripture readings, as well as creative expression.

An Inter Faith Service at the Sunday Vigil will follow the planned Blue Ribbon Peace March, which should leave the YWCA Building at 2-00pm for the Cathedral, where the Peace Vigil programme gets underway at 2-30pm.

The Blue Ribbon Peace Jazz-Jam hosted by the Centra Suva is being supported through the kind generosity of a number of the capital city's leading musicians and performers - in particular Tom Mawi and friends.

"From 2pm to 7pm, everyone is invited to relax with the Blue Ribbon Peace Jazz-Jam which will include an all-star 'jam session' - and we are truly appreciative of those who are sharing their time and talent for Peace."

Daily Peace Vigils - At this stage, the daily Peace Vigil will continue until the 24th and then we will continue to stage them (anon) on the 19th of every month. Those wishing to send a peace message to be shared at the peace vigils can send them subject heading: Blue Ribbon.

Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls, Secretary NCWF.

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