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GE Foods - rallies in North Island towns

Peace Movement Aotearoa

PO Box 9314, Wellington. Tel (04) 382 8129, fax (04) 382 8173,

Issued 22 June 1999

Consumers against GE Say 'NO' to GENETIC ENGINEERING

Scientists don't have the right to alter that which is already perfect - Our food chain!

Man is trying to play GOD- and as consumers we must show our concern and act now before encroaching biotechnology becomes irreversible.

Our group is taking to the road in protest and travelling to Wellington visiting each of the towns/cities listed, en route, on the following dates



23rd June AUCKLAND - Queen St QEII Sq Downtown

24th June HAMILTON

25th June TAURANGA

26th June ROTORUA

27th June TAUPO


29th June WELLINGTON - Beehive

Please support us by bringing your group with banners & placards to march with us through the main shopping street or Mall in your nearest city at 11.30 for NOON start.

We ask that you please pass on this information to your members or associates, enabling them to make the choice to support this initiative.

Our rally is a peaceful one, designed to bring home to Government that most New Zealander's are not happy with steps being contemplated to allow genetic engineering trials in our country, or GMO's in our food chain without proper labelling. We will be exercising our democratic rights. This is an urgent and alarming issue in which we 'the people' have no voice. Decisions are being influenced by those with worldly power and a vested interest in their own economic gain.

We will be travelling in campervans and at the north end of each main street at 12 noon on dates indicated.

Consumers against Genetic Engineering

Kiwis for Compassion

Please contact the following for more information Dawn Eskelsen

Bulls Road, RD 3


Phone /Fax (09) 407 8620

Please circulate this notice so that we can gather numbers for these rallies and make this initiative count. Time is not on our side!

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